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Essential Tips That Will Simplify Kitchen Design For You

A well-designed kitchen not only makes cooking a joy but can also elevate the look of the interiors of a house. Kitchen design can be tricky considering the humongous number of choices available from the shape of the kitchen to placement, lighting choices, styling, kitchen benchtop materials, etc. But if done with proper planning and consideration, it won't be too hard to get the design of your kitchen just right. Whether you are bored with your current kitchen design and want to remodel or you are beginning from scratch or you want to make significant improvements in some area of your existing kitchen, these tips will help you in charting a way forward through the overwhelming number of choices and decisions that you will have to face.


Kitchen Benchtop Materials Plan Ahead


It's always better to plan ahead so that you will have an idea of which part of the kitchen to tackle next and it will also help you in making better design decisions. It should be kept in mind that function is the most important aspect of design here. Put function first and then decide on the design choices as you will be doing quite some work in the kitchen and it helps if everything is easily within your reach. For the best cooking experience, ensure that the three mains of the kitchen – refrigerator, sink and the countertop form a triangle shape and the distance between each of them remains at max, 6 feet for easy movement throughout the kitchen area.


Storage is important


It's very easy to forget about planning for storage or underestimate the storage space requirements when designing a kitchen. But, many designers have stressed that adequate storage planning should be one of the key considerations when designing a kitchen. This is your chance to make use of every space available in the kitchen. Generally, it happens that when designing a kitchen, people tend to leave out certain nooks and crannies or corners and they remain empty, but with proper choice of materials, these empty small spaces can be converted into storage areas and will also help in lending a nice unified look to the entire kitchen. Also, keep in mind that certain large appliances like a microwave will clutter up the countertop, so it's important to make enough space to keep these appliances so that they don't clutter your countertop, yet remain within easy reach.




A kitchen cannot be considered anything short of a workspace, so make sure that it is well-lit. The best types of light that work here are the ones that are in front of you so that they illuminate the benchtop where you will be doing most of the work. Ensure that lights are not positioned in such a way that they fall from behind you and cast your shadow on the benchtop.


Power Supply


It's a good idea to consider the impact that power lines and gas supply lines will have on your kitchen design beforehand so that you can make design choices around them and incorporate them into the whole look of your kitchen.


Kitchen benchtop


There are two things to consider when planning for your kitchen benchtop: size and surface material. When it comes to size, kitchen benchtop should be as big as you feel the need for. There is no size which is too much for a countertop provided you have enough space for easy movement throughout the rest of the kitchen. While considering kitchen benchtop materials, keep in mind that some surface materials are harder to clean while there are others which will show a weathered look after a short time of usage. So opt for something which is both durable and low maintenance.


Garbage space


Consider the kind of garbage and recycling options that you would like to have in your kitchen in your design plan so that you don't have to struggle with finding a space for your garbage bin after the designing has been completed.  There are also many options here, whether you want to opt for a standing garbage bin kept in some out-of-the-way corner, or whether you want to go with a built-in garbage area concealed under a material or surface of your choice.


So, no matter what reason you have for designing your kitchen, these essential tips will save you a lot of time and money whether you are taking the help of a professional or you are going the DIY way.

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