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7 Small Changes That Can Radically Alter The Look And Feel Of Your Kitchen

Renovating or remodeling a kitchen completely is a big task, one that takes up ample time and money to complete. So, even if a lot of us are not happy or just plain tired of the way our kitchen looks, we can’t afford the time or money or both to revamp the look of our kitchen. But what many forget to realize is that even some small changes and simple modifications can radically change the look and feel of a kitchen.


Kitchen Benchtop Materials Here are a few of the many ways which you can utilize to alter the look and feel of your kitchen in a short amount of time.


Begin with the surface


One easy and straightforward way to radically alter the look and feel of your kitchen is to apply a new coat of paint. Say goodbye to the old and worn out paint job in your kitchen and experiment with different finishes and shades of paint to make your kitchen feel like new again.


Update the shelving and cabinetry


Making your kitchen look chic and modern is not that difficult if you know what to do. Simply, keep the cupboards, cabinets, and shelves as they are and just update the way they look by changing the color, finish or material of the doors and knobs. It will make a huge difference in the way your kitchen looks.


Consider the top


A benchtop is one of the defining elements of how a kitchen looks and feel. If your existing benchtop is made of materials like tile or laminate then you can revamp its look by painting over it. If on the other hand, your kitchen benchtop material is stone, marbles or granite then consider changing it for a new look and feel. These days there are a lot of options when it comes to kitchen benchtop materials and each has their own unique look and feel. Take a look at all the materials available and then decide what works well for your home and kitchen.


Light play


Lighting and lighting fixtures are important design elements and they play a huge role in defining the look of your kitchen. Consider adding more overhead or spot lights for areas where most of the cooking is done. You can also add decorative elements in the kitchen in the form of pendant lights. Lights are a sure fire way to increase the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen.


Consider the bottom


Flooring is an important yet mostly ignored aspect of kitchen design and it’s amazing how a change in flooring can alter the look of your kitchen. Consider changing the look of flooring by changing the materials used or if you don’t want to put in much effort, simply hide the old flooring under a new layer of timber or tiles. Alternatively, you can also consider changing the look of your existing timber flooring by painting, sanding or restaining it.


Change the taps


Taps are one of the smallest things that you can change in your kitchen and see an immediate difference in the way your kitchen looks. Also, replacing taps or even the sink in your kitchen is straightforward and doesn’t consume much time or resources. Just make sure to replace existing taps with quality and well-designed taps that complement your kitchen.


It’s all about open shelves


An amazing way to solve the shortage of storage space and also to add a decorative element in your kitchen is by employing the versatility of open shelves. Convert any empty wall in your kitchen into open shelves by using relatively cheap floating brackets. These shelves can also be converted into a beautiful display using plants, quirky objects, books and beautifully crafted cookware.


These are just a few small ways in which you can work around your kitchen and alter its look and feel. There are many other options also out there which are about changing the look and feel of specific aspects of a kitchen and if you have the money and time, you can always take it to the next level by making some big changes.


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