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Why Should You Use Natural Stone For Your Kitchen?

If you are planning to renovate your kitchen, the first thing you should decide is the material, size, and shape of the kitchen benchtop. It is because a benchtop can transform the entire outlook of your kitchen.


You might ask:


Natural Stone For Your Kitchen


What is a natural stone?

It refers to the numerous stones quarried from the earth. These are used as building materials as well as ornamentals.


What are the types of natural stone used for kitchen benchtops?

There are several kinds of natural stone used as kitchen benchtops. Some of these are listed underneath:

  • Marble - This classic natural stone is formed from limestone. It makes your place look sophisticated.
  • Quartz Stone - This metamorphic stone is a favored material for benchtops by virtue of its distinct patterns and elegant colors.
  • Granite - It is a type of igneous rock formed from molten lava. It has veining similar to marble, creating a ‘salt and pepper’ appearance.

Let's face it, whether you are remodeling your kitchen or designing your new kitchen a natural stone benchtop undoubtedly finds its way on your list!


To assure you that installing a natural stone benchtop for your kitchen is the right way, we have penned down the following advantages:

  • Durable
    Natural stone benchtops, if maintained properly, can even last a lifetime! They have the capacity to withstand all kinds of mishaps that can occur in the kitchen.
    It also has the tendency to retain its color and luster for many years. It is ideal for even the busiest of kitchens.

  • Low Maintenance
    Nobody prefers to shell out an enormous amount for repairs or maintenance of benchtops after installing one.
    Natural stone benchtops require only the basic maintenance routine including cleaning and wiping with a cloth and mild agents.

  • Attractive
    Natural stone benchtops have the potential to transform a good kitchen to the best one! They always get a positive response from the users because of their appealing aesthetics.

  • Eco-friendly
    Natural stone benchtops, as the name suggests, are unprocessed and pure. They are free of any chemicals. Hence, they are ecological.

  • Unique
    Every quarried stone will have its own veining, color, and speckles. It is one of the impressive features of a natural benchtop. Since these occur naturally, no two slabs will look alike. You will have one-of-a-kind kitchen benchtop!
    Moreover, this will give you several colors and patterns to choose from.

  • Value
    It can be safely said that natural stone benchtops will always be in style because they have the amazing ability to transform the overall appearance of your home.
    Thus, you will get your money’s worth as far as these are concerned.

  • Flexibility
    Natural stone used for kitchen benchtops are quite flexible in terms of reshaping them according to the specific measurements of your space.

Hence, you can easily incorporate them into any of your desired designs.


Now, let us take a look at the thumb rules for a long-lasting benchtop.

  • Backsplash
    Sealing your benchtop with silicone will not only enhance its appearance but also help increase its life.

  • Thickness
    Be wise and keep a thickness of ¾ to 1 ¼ inch for your slabs.

  • Edges
    You might be interested to know that rounded edges do not chip off as easily as the squared ones.

  • Maintenance
    Follow a proper cleaning routine.

We hope that this explains you everything about the advantages of natural stone benchtop for your place. If you still have doubts, please contact us without any hesitation. You can also “Get a Benchtop Quote Online."

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