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Importance of Kitchen Benchtop Materials

The kitchen has turned into the social hub of the home and the space in which families invest the majority of their time.



Inside this space, kitchen benchtops are without a doubt the most critical component. They are the most outwardly predominant element of a kitchen and influential to the style of adjacent areas, (for example, living and dining spaces).


Importance of Kitchen Benchtop Materials


Benchtops are principally a place to work so it is critical that they are useful, functional and appropriate for your purposes. However, it is likewise imperative that your kitchen benchtop works in with the aesthetic of your kitchen design. There are an extensive variety of kitchen benchtop styles appropriate for your kitchen, however, to pick the right benchtop you should think about cost, style, and maintenance.



This is a standout amongst the most imperative variables to consider as there is an enormous contrast in cost between the most moderate benchtops and the most costly ones. Less expensive laminate benchtops, for instance, can be ordered by the meter and cut to fit on site, while more costly materials, for example, marble and granite need to be prepared particularly for your necessities and installed using exceptional strategies.



This is dependably a major consideration in the kitchen and it is a colossal factor as far as benchtops go. A few materials are more qualified to a specific style of the kitchen than others – for instance, wood works much better than stainless steel in a provincial style kitchen, though stainless steel would work impeccably in an ultra-modern kitchen.



You should have an idea of the amount of maintenance required for various materials before you settle on which the benchtop that is appropriate for you. Certain acrylic and laminate items won't take the will to having hot cookware put over them, and different surfaces like timber should be dealt with intermittently to ensure that they keep up their resistance to dampness, heat, and scratching.


How about we take a gander some of the best benchtop materials:

1. Stone

Stone is an unimaginably well-known choice for kitchen benchtops, as it is amazingly strong, stain resistant, and stylishly satisfying. There are many kinds of stone to look over, and there is a tremendous assortment of styles; from the exemplary granite to the cutting edge quartz. It's difficult to go wrong with stone, despite the fact that the cost can be somewhat more on the expensive side.


Stone benchtop

2. Concrete

Concrete is another prominent choice for a benchtop. It is exceptionally tough, and gives a modern look and feel that can run extremely well with certain kitchen designs.


Concrete kitchen benchtop

3. Laminate

This is maybe the most famous of kitchen benchtop materials and is produced using a pressed blend of natural and synthetic materials. Laminate is less durable than stone or concrete. Laminate is substantially less expensive and comes in a wide assortment of patterns and hues.



Laminate kitchen benchtop

4. Hardwood

For those looking for an all-natural look and feel for the kitchen, hardwood is a phenomenal decision. In spite of the fact that it does not have the durability of different materials, hardwood benchtops more than compensate for it with delightful form and function. A most loved of culinary specialists and genuine cooks, these benchtops will bring a glow that is unparalleled by other materials.


Hardwood Kitchen benctop

5. Stainless Steel

Likely the most regularly observed material in commercial kitchens, stainless steel conveys a solid feeling of innovation to the kitchen. This material can likewise be perfect for those looking for a more modern look. While it can scratch, stainless steel is one of the simplest materials to clean and maintain and will keep going for a long time.


Stainless Steel kitchen Benchtop

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